The Augmented Research Platform

Strategies, Plans, Artificial Intelligence neural networks and Machine Learning models all rely on historical data that lags what's taking place today. Each contains explicit and implicit (hidden) assumptions that may have been valid at the time of their creation but may no longer be true or about to change.

How big would your competitive advantage be if you could detect when the market was changing but the changes had not yet shown up in the data?

The Incyzr Augmented Research Platform automates desktop research to accelerate access to public, private and premium data and generate, track and

validate assumption, hypotheses and insights that enable success and prevent failure.

Incyzr Augmented Research Platform

Automating the grunt work within Desktop Research frees you up to explore and evaluate possible business scenarios faster with less effort and lower cost


Use keywords, phrases, entity lists or mind map fragments to uncover the latest news AND automatically have it matched with specific project and personal interests


Use agents & interactive visualisation to understand connections between any of 30+ Incyzr entity types. Capture critical relationships and assumptions that underpin your business


Your personal online business analyst made from customisable self-learning agents to detect market shifts that could affect plans and estimate the impact of change as it happens

Access Deeper Insights Sooner

Incyzr is in internal alpha test, we are accepting registrations for waitlist for private beta users and small teams.

Search smarter to stay aware continuously

Uncover connections and insight faster

Make better decisions with the latest data

Individual + Small Teams (up to 5 people)

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Data / Agent Updates: daily

Projects: 3 included

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