Uncover Insights Sooner

Multi Focus Instead of Single Focus

What's Broken: The current trend for Single Page Applications (SPAs) that force users to do one thing at a time by definition from prevent them from doing other things. This inhibits serendipity and connections from incurring, the very things that enable creativity and insight to happen.

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr's User Interface is designed to take advantage of large format and multiple screens to allow people to rapidly explore internal and external data to answer 'What if?" questions much faster with less effort.

Play & Learn to Understand & Win

What's Broken: Single focus workflows, fixed dashboards and complicated configuration make it hard to explore the connection between new data and internal strategy freely. This makes it harder to understand how things connect and to uncover the crucial insights need to execute and win.

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr's data models, User interface design and agents are architected to enable individuals and teams to rapidly uncover meaningful connections that validate or invalidate assumptions that underpin strategy.

Works With You vs. Makes You Work

What's Broken: Many online platforms create work for the user who must then respond to an email or message or alert regardless of its importance. This mixes the important with the urgent and can lead to urgent requests being missed and important issues being neglected/

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr is architected from the ground up to continually refine what, when and how it presents information and alerts to the user to ensure that just like a great human assistant it provides you with what you need to know when you need to know it.

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