Stay Aware With Less Effort

Contextual Input

What's Broken: Most search engines take text in the form of keywords or simple natural language phrases that are then combine with historical data from previous searches to generate a list of results.

How Incyzr Fixes it: Searches within Incyzr a framed using the context of one or more projects containing target entities such as organizations, people and trends. This additional context helps frame the search to yield more accurate results

Contextual Output

What's Broken: Search results lists are efficient at showing large numbers of results however they often hard to separate from one another making it difficult to find the best most relevant result to make a point.

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr analyses search results to identify common keywords and concepts as well as connections with the input context (organizations, people, trends etc) to surface the most impactful results that matter most.

Contextual Visualisation

What's Broken: Humans are great at making connections, however search results don't connect to internal projects making people work harder to uncover how things fit together and hide crucial insights

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr is designed to allow the visual exploration and sharing of data by individuals and teams. Incyzr makes it easy for people to tap into visual pattern matching and anomaly detection in ways that were previously not possible.

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