Track Change and Its Impact Automatically

Integrated Qualitative & Quantitative Tracking

What's Broken: Quantitative predictive models and strategies are typically underpinned by a few key driving variables that in turn are dependent on core assumptions in the form of insights and trends that qualitative and untracked. This can lead to delivering on core KPIs and metrics that are out of date and no longer fit for purpose.

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr helps people track market place news and data to uncover events and trends that positively OR negatively impact the core assumptions that underpin predictive models and growth strategies

Self Tuning Change Detection

What's Broken: Most strategy management tools and frameworks rely on human generated updates to flag that something has changed. This results in delays and potentially missing key changes altogether. Automated alerts can loose their efficacy if they're set up once but then let to run without being fined tuned as the market changes

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr employs a combination of bespoke AIs and agents that continuously hunt for content and evaluate changes relevant to a project or goal. User responses as to whether they are relevant or not are subsequently teach the AIs how to better discern between relevant and irrelevant content

Data and Service Provider Optimization

What's Broken: Insights can only be generated from data when it is relevant and timely. Unfortunately keeping track of what data was sourced from where, the terms of its usage, how much it costs is a nightmare. The same is true for services that take data in and process it to yield a result.

How Incyzr Fixes it: Incyzr is architected to track what data are services came from where, what rights are associated with it and how much it costs. Detailed consumption tracking enables missed connections between projects and people to detected and further for cost minimisation by eliminating unnecessary data access and reanalysis.

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