Responsive Digital Strategy

Faster Execution

Co-Creation | Co-Design | Co-Development

  • Build your strategy with less effort, deliver greater value sooner, discover new emerging opportunities faster.

  • Let's work together to quickly digitally transform your business to serve your customers better and operate more efficiently with less risk using proven agile processes, skilled people and the latest best-fit technologies.

  • Generate and act faster on insights about competitors, markets and risk management by automating the time-consuming processes for desktop research using the Incyzr Augmented Research Platform.

Augmented Research Platform

Wouldn't it be great to have an automated online business analyst

at your beck and call to tell you what you need to know

when you need to know it?

See how the Incyzr Augmented Research Platform automates

desktop research to help keep you, your team and your stakeholders

current and competitive.

Strategy + Execution Consulting

Wouldn't it be less risky if strategic planning and execution could be

done together to ensure that your strategies are

always tuned to the market and customer needs?

See how we combine strategy with execution to create and deliver strategies the create value quickly and continuously to enable shock resilient businesses that thrive in uncertain times

Competitive Analysis / Risk Management

Business plans require significant effort, and if used to secure loans, often fail to secure funding due to inadequate competitive analysis or risk management.

The Incyzr platform creates live models for strategic stakeholder intelligence and dynamic risk modelling to help clear the approval hurdle.

For: Small to Medium Size Businesses

Insight Led Sales & Delivery

Pitching for work and then working with large clients can be time-consuming and risky as there are many outside factors that can affect their buying decisions.

The Incyzr platform helps you track those factors and the assumptions that underpin your engagement strategy and delivery plans to ensure you are always ready to deliver value in the next client conversation.

For: Consultancies, Enterprise Sales & Delivery

New Product Development / New Market Entry

Starting something new means rapidly coming to grips with unfamiliar markets, new technologies, emerging trends, new customers, new business models or a combination of these things.

The Incyzr platform automates the fact gathering and initial pattern matching process to move quickly from understanding the landscape to proposing viable plans

For: R&D Groups, New Business Development